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Our law firm focuses on developing solutions for clients. Our attorneys see themselves as problem-solvers who help people with matters related to illegalities in the workplace. We represent all types of employees, from hourly workers to top executives. What unites them is their need to address a problem with their employers. Contact our Pittsburgh law firm, The Employment Rights Group, to learn more. Call us toll free at 800-508-5367.

Developing Legal Strategies that Work

We believe firmly in matching the solution to the problem, rather than using the same approach for every client. Our strategies fall into these categories:

  • Employees may be able to resolve some issues by themselves and require only a consultation with an attorney to get them started.

  • Other matters may require intervention so that the employer understands the seriousness of the problem; we write letters, make phone calls and schedule meetings to get an employer's attention.

  • And some problems may need litigation. We offer a full range of litigation services, from mediation to trial, to protect our clients' rights.

Acting Quickly for Clients

People usually come to us when something has gone wrong. They need assistance quickly to address their situations. We are responsive, making sure that clients understand their options and acting to implement the best solutions. We have significant experience with employment law matters such as discrimination, harassment, employee benefits and FMLA. We know how to help.

Contact a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Employment Lawyer

If you are having a problem in the workplace, contact our law firm to get help. Call The Employment Rights Group toll free at 800-508-5367. 

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